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How to Recover from Coronavirus – 4 Tips to Manage COVID 19 at Home

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Do you want to know how to recover from COVID 19 naturally? If you want to know how to manage coronavirus, these 4 steps can help you on your road to recovery, naturally and biblically!

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Today we’re going to talk about how to recover from COVID naturally. I know many of you know people who’ve had COVID-19, either last year during the shutdown, or this year as it’s kind of resurfacing. I hope you caught the video where I talked about the immune system:

How To Recover From Corona At Home

What should you do if you get sick? Here are common sense steps to manage COVID-19 at home.

1. Rest

Rest prepares us for the next event, but it also helps the body to recover. We recover from a busy week by spending time with God on the Sabbath. We rest from a virus when when we do rest from a virus it allows the systems in our body to work full time on healing.

Rest includes also from active exercise work stress activities, we need to learn how to rest for many of you, that’s gonna be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

2. Fast

Fasting is similar to rest. It allows our natural digestive system to silence so that the liver the lower GI and the other organs can focus on removing all of the toxins from the body. A virus can be considered a toxin since it’s foreign and it’s not wanted. So when we stop eating any processed foods, actually, I would just love for you to just give them up forever entirely. So when we do this, especially during the time of healing, we allow our body to clean up.

3. Rehydrate

The next one is fluids, we must keep our body hydrated. Whenever we are dehydrated, it actually slows down the healing process. We need to stay hydrated so our blood volume stays up.
Fluids also contribute to the removal of cellular toxins, fevers, headaches, body aches, they all require adequate liquids for quicker healing. And you can even add salt and electrolytes to the water to keep the potassium and your other elements.

4. Follow the Bible Diet

High vitamin C foods can actually help the body heal. I would recommend for my family to consume organic citrus fruits and vegetables. They contain a lot of vitamin C. Now a fast can be just fruits and veggies only it could be a juice fast.

So how does the Bible diet help with our immune system and COVID 19 recovery? We’ve talked a lot about the Bible diet here. It’s eating the fields that God called good for us and eating as close to his design. This keeps us away from foods that are taxing our system.

You’ll see a great increase in your energy level, your immune system, which will help prevent many viruses and bacteria infections.

God designed the immune system. So he must know what is best to feed it. And God does not need a white lab coat so that we will listen to him. He is the truth, the way and the life.

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